STUDIO RECITALS: All Students are encouraged to perform in the STUDIO'S recital; LEE PIANO STUDIO will have a recital once a year, note that all participants need to contribute fee. There is a $10.00 fee per student to cover costs of halls, tuning pianos, programs, etc.

MTAC RECITALS & EVENTS: The Music Teachers Association of California sponsors periodic county-wide recitals where students of members may perform for one another such as Monster Concert during Halloween and Master Concert or Convention during July. The MTAC assesses a fee for these recitals.

NATIONAL GUILD OF PIANO TEACHERS: The primary function of the GUILD is to establish definite goals and awards for students of all ages and abilities. All piano students have a yearly opportunity to attain these goals through private, non-competitive adjudication in the National Piano Playing Auditions. Students perform their prepared program for a qualified adjudicator who scores them on their individual merits.

MTAC CERTIFICATE OF MERIT — The MTAC'S evaluation program, known as Certificate of Merit, is a much more comprehensive program than GUILD AUDITIONS. Students in CM are evaluated on their technique, ear training, sight reading and performance skills; there is also a written theory test at each level. CM is a program which will encourage the conscientious student to strive for musical excellence. MTAC also offers various scholarships to outstanding graduating high school student. Students who excel in their CM Evaluations may earn the distinction of being able to perform at our local Branch Honors Recital as well as the annual MTAC State Convention, held alternately in the North and South of California.

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