Please do not bring food, drinks, or gum into the Studio. (The cleaning person has all kinds of stories & stains to show you!!) If you have not done eating your lunch or dinner before your lesson, you are allowed to eat in my dining table. We will provide water for you to drink if you are thirsty!

Please do not bring pets into the Studio. (People with allergies have commented when someone breaks this rule)

Parental attendance is permitted at lessons. If parents do not attend lessons, students should be picked up promptly after lessons are finished. (Students may stay for time at the computer or to practice with headphones in the electronic lab before or after lessons if previous arrangements are made, and they do not disrupt current classes.) If the student forgot to do the theory, please make sure they finish before they came in or do it while they were waiting for the siblings before their turn!

DAILY PRACTICE IS ENCOURAGED!! Beginning students would do well to practice in small amounts every day. Intermediate students should be practicing 30 - 45 minutes per day. Advanced students should be practicing one hour per day. (These are minimums)

Siblings are welcome at lessons if they are old enough to entertain themselves quietly.Please do not let them run throughout the Studio during the lesson.

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