Rate: $35 per half hour(hourly tuition is double 1/2 hour rates)

Most of the month will have 4 lessons but there may be some months with 3 or 5 lessons. Rates will be the same every month. I do not take lesson bi-week because I have to reserve your spot every week so no matter how many lessons you took in a month, the rate would be the same.Tuition fees are due in advance at the time of registration or the first class. Thereafter, tuition fees for the month are DUE in advance on the FIRST DAY of the month and considered LATE on the tenth. You will receive a statement around the 25th of the month before tuition fees are due. (February tuition will be billed to you on January 25) Tuition fees received on or after the tenth are considered late and are subject to a $12.00 late fee. There is a $20.00 fee for checks returned or rejected by your bank. Tuition may be discontinued if all tuition is not paid by the fifteenth of the month. If you are not going to continue the lesson, please let me know one month in advance because I need to contact the waiting list students to fit in the spot.


Unlike the school year schedule, attendance at Summer Sessions is more flexible, allowing for vacations - yours and ours. Of course, students are encouraged to continue in the summer months when the Studio is open and these students who participate during summer sessions are given some priority in scheduling for the FALL. Students who do not participate in Summer classes but wish to reserve a Fall time must Re-register with a $20.00 Registration fee. Summer is the best timing to start preparing the CM evaluations because I know most of the high school students are super busy when they started the fall semester. Advanced students have to prepare 5 songs and memorized them all for the Panel audition. If you can, try to take the entire summer lessons to prepare for the test or competition. October will have the first competition for romantic period.


The tuition you pay reserves a time. Unlike a doctor or a hairdresser, I cannot "re-sell" that time nor can I create extra teaching time to give makeup lessons. Therefore, there is no reduction in tuition for missed lessons. A list of holidays that will not be billed will be mailed at the beginning of the regular year in September and is available at the Studio - these are general regular holidays that try to follow in a loose way the school calendar. Because all schools do not have the same schedule and I do not choose to honor EVERY holiday, please try to be aware. If you are sick, please call me or email me 24 hours in advanced and I will give you a make-up lesson after you are fully recovered. If you are going on vacation, please let me know as soon as you have decided, and I will prorate the tuition for you. If you came in late, I can only teach you for the remaining time because the next student is waiting to start right after your lesson so please be on time. Thank you for your understanding!

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