Shih-Yin Lee began her musical training with her mother as her pupil teacher at the age of five.  Since her mother was also a music department graduate. It was very natural for Shih-Yin absorbed mother's inspiration at her early age and hoping that someday she would be like her.

    In her forth year of elementary school, she went through several examinations and got herself enroll into a private boarding music school. Her life seemed completely tied up with music after that. However, her music learning experience was not always smooth and effortless. In her years of junior high school, various factors caused her nearly gave up her dream as piano musician.  During her junior high school second year's final examination she couldn’t deal with music performance anxiety (stage fright). But through her teacher and parents’ encouragement, she was able to regain her confidence. During high school years, her grades in music were excellent, and she was rewarded with a special scholarship.  She graduated among the top ranking piano students in her class.  Then she was admitted to her number one choice university in mind. While in university, she had opportunities to anticipate in several international music camps.  These experiences enriched her summer vacations, broadened her perspective, allowed her to observe different teaching methods, different materials from different countries.  In her senior year, her excellent grades and outstanding extracurricular performance earned her another full year music scholarship.  In addition, she participated in many recitals, gained more opportunities and experiences in performing and made herself more clear and certain of her dream to become the finest pianist.

    Shih-Yin completed Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance at National Institute of the Arts at Taipei, Taiwan in 1995.  She also graduated and received Master of Music degree from New York Manhattan School of Music where she was a student of Dr. Marc Silverman in 1998.  She has performed in numerous piano solo, piano ensemble, and chamber music recitals during her university period.

    Shih-Yin has taught private piano lessons for several years since she was a freshman in university until now.  Shih-Yin also taught at Royal Conservatory where she maintained a busy schedule teaching thirty students in New York, and all students were had a chance to perform in the recital in public once a year. By the end of 1998, She started her new life with her marriage and relocated to California.

    Shih-Yin is an Active Member of the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC), and American College of Musicians (National Guild). Her studio opens to children and adults of all ages.  She specializes in teaching piano to children from the ages of five and above.  She emphasizes the importance of teaching classical music to young children using fun, creative, and contemporary techniques.

    Shih-Yin feels very strongly about her friendly personality and ability to work well with other musicians.  All of scholastic and teaching experience has helped her become a well-rounded musician. Shih-Yin is a capable, pleasant and organized person who is ready to tackle any challenge.

    As you can see about Shih-Yin Lee, her degree in music, as well as her diverse piano performance and teaching experience made her a strong candidate as your piano teacher.



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